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SmartShip Account Grade Programme FAQ writer : chua.majella 2020-05-12 오전 10:01:35


Q: Why has my account grade not changed for me to enjoy the discount?

A: Account grade is evaluated bi-monthly (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec). For example, if your volume for January – 500 parcels ; February – 2,100 parcels, your account will enjoy VIP grade for next two months (March & April)

Q: Will my linked accounts share the same grade?

A: Linked accounts will all share the same grade with the account enjoying the highest grade. (e.g.:  Corporate ID:  Premium ; Qoo10 ID 1: Gold ; Qoo10 ID 2; VIP -- VIP grade will be applied to all 3 accounts)

Q: How do I obtain a better account grade?

A: Based on bi-monthly parcel volume evaluation. VIP: More than 2,001 parcels in the peak month during latest 2 months, Gold: more than 1,001 parcels, Premium: more than 201 parcels.