Qxpress Notice
SmartShip Delivery Services FAQ writer : chua.majella 2020-05-12 오전 10:03:15


Q: What is the maximum number of pickup locations my account can register?

A: Accounts are allowed to register up to 5 pickup locations. 

Q: I am unable to print the airway bill due to lack of printer. 

A: It is mandatory to print out the airway bill and fix it to your parcel for Qxpress to pickup. 

Q: How do I upload multiple orders at once?

A: Download excel template and input all required fields in highlighed in yellow. [Step 1. Select File] > [Step 2. Upload File] > [Step 3. Registration]

Q: What is acceptable packaging for Qxpress to handle?

A: If the items are fragile (glass, liquid in bottle with cap, electronics), extra protection such as bubble wrap, foam nuts, other fillers are required to ensure that there are no movable spaces within the carton box. An airway bill has to be attached to the parcel for Qxpress collection. 

Q: What is the compensation cap for Qxpress delivery services?

A: Unless the parcel shall is covered by Qxpress insurance, the maximum compensation limit is capped at SGD$300.

Q: How do I request for pickup?

A: Courier Delivery > Register Delivery Order > Warehouse shipping order register section > Click 'Request for Pickup'. Select pickup date, input accurate parcel quantity for pickup, selection pickup location and click on 'Request'.